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Kazuki is a character from the Blood On The Battlefield series made by Deviantart user MajorKrystalFan. He acts as an anti-hero in the main story.


Kazuki Mishima is the son of Hideyoshi Mishima and Mai Kazama, but spends most of his time with his mother. He hails from Oita, Japan.

Despite being the first born child, Kazuki was the one who was weaker out of both him and Reiko. He never was one for extreme violence and intentionally held back on his strikes...despite knowing he was incredibly strong anyways. He was constantly abused by Hideyoshi and was considered his eternal punching bag. That was when he realised his mother was more important to him that his power-starving father.


Kazuki has an Asian skin tone. His hair is dyed blonde and spiked up.

He wears black gloves, grey sweatpants with the Mishima family logo on both legs and red foot wraps. He also has multiple scars across his body.


Kazuki is very cocky and is quick to interrupt or eavesdrop. He is also quite a brat and always gets what he wants no matter what. However, he does retain a hatred for both his father and sister, despite hardly showing it.


Devil Power - Kazuki has inherited his father's demonic powers, though unable to transform into a demon himself.

Fighting style:[]

Kazuki uses his father's martial arts to help himself get by, but he more often uses projectile attacks and teleportation based offense over strikes.


-Survived several savage beatings from his father.


-The idea for Kazuki came from Tekken character Jin Kazama.